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The Ultimate Protection for External Render

Repair and refresh

Render Repairs Melbourne

At Render Refresh we are all about repairing exterior rendered walls with eye-catching paintwork. No matter how old the wall is we'll repair it so it stands tall like a new one!
Ultimate Protection

Ultimate Protection

With our colourful (depending on your choice of colour, of course!) and protective layer of painting, you are guaranteed to have full protection for your exterior walls.
Bridges fine cracks

Bridges fine cracks

Fine cracks on a rendered wall cause long-term damage if not treated effectively. With our expert render refresh solutions, you can treat cracks, blemishes and marks once and for all!

Render Repairs Melbourne

Why Choose Us?

We are dedicated small team of experts in the rendering and plastering trade. The team is headed by Simon and he is a fully qualified solid plasterer with more than 16 years hands on experience.

We pride ourselves on the high quality of workmanship and the attention to detail we give for each and every job we take.
Will not peel, flake or blister
The repair work we do on your rendered walls are guaranteed to be crack, flake and blister free. Plus the walls will feel as good as new!
Mould, dirt and stain proof
Thanks to the high quality material we use the finished rendering will be mould, dirt and stain resistant.
Seals fine cracks
After a refreshing coat, even the minute cracks will be sealed to give the core of the structure maximum protection.
Water resistant
The carefully selected paints will protect the walls from water and frost damage. Also, it will preserve its colour for years to come.
Render Repairs Melbourne

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Render Repairs Melbourne

With over 16 years in the building industry we have a wealth of experience to take care of all you're rendering and plastering requirements. We are a fully insured company for your piece of mind so please contact Render Repairs Melbourne now for your free quote.


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Render Refresh servicing the South Eastern Suburbs, Yarra Ranges and Mornington Peninsula